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Digital Projection Systems

What are Digital Projection Systems?

Digital projection systems are the latest thing, and allow new local cinemas like the Scala to have unprecedented flexibility and quality in programming movies to meet a range of local needs. Forget hairs and fluff being projected unwittingly with a tired 35mm film print; digital is high quality, every time.

It is a lot simpler to operate too. Movies are still shot on film but are digitised to a very high resolution by the studios and issued to the cinema in encrypted discs.

Films they can feature

Using a digital projection system, a digital cinema like the Scala can screen a normal DVD, a YouTube clip, games, live TV feeds, pretty much anything that audiences are used to in the modern information age.

Special production videos are a great example of cutting edge modern and high-quality videos that can be showcased with digital projection systems.

Videos filmed from a script, using high-quality equipment and the latest post-production software to create the best videos for digital projection systems.

This includes using the best music, visual and sound effects as well as motion graphics.

Some of their recent projects include:

  • Virgin Airlines Australia Pilot Recruitment and Induction Video
  • Information videos such as MLA – Beef Estimated Breeding Values
  • Adverts for Visit Sunshine Coast – Whole of Region


Other Digital Systems

Video libraries specialise in licensing wholly owned and represented video content and offers the industry’s best and broadest coverage of marketing and career news around the world.

Scala Prestatyn provides advice on the professional marketing and career advice for websites, mobile, publicists and PR firms with immediate access to time-sensitive photo coverage of news.

Photos are captured by professional photographers using state-of-the-art digital equipment and delivered to clients via the website, FTP, push emails and lightboxes.

Online service is available 24/7 to search, browse and immediately download JPEG images in both low and high resolutions.

All content is encoded with subject, date, venue, location and caption information.





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